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Helen Masacz - Girl with head bowed. Oil on linen


Helen Masacz - Girl with head bowed. Oil on linen

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Helen Masacz (b.1968, UK)

Transition II. Oil on panel, 61x84 cm
The Absence of Adam 2. Oil on board, 20x20 cm
The Absence of Adam 1. Oil on Board, 50x80 cm

The paintings of London based artist Helen Masacz are based on thoughts which are influenced by real-life situations, issues of everyday life to long-term influences during our life time, the transition from childhood to adulthood, the changes in relationships over a lifetime and the meaning that the passage of time imprints on all our lives. Helen thinks real-life experiences have more impact than imagination, connecting to a greater audience who may relate to the issues of transition.

[more Helen Masacz | artist found at showslow & Octavia Gallery]